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to give the highest quality healing, massage and bodywork as I can, taking into consideration the person’s stage of life, bodywork requirements and experience; and to meet their expectations of the either relaxation, or therapeutic massage.


  • October 2009 Deep Tissue for the whole body. Asheville School of Massage and Yoga.
  • September 2008 Ortho – Bionomy. Linda McCrea.
  • January 2007 10 Top Ten Painkillers. US Kinesiology Training.
  • October 2006 Teachers of Color 1 & 2 – 6 full days (live in retreat). ColourMirrors, South Africa.
  • March 2006 TMJ / Lymph draining massage – Therassage
  • May 2005 Business Administration – ColourMirrors London, UK. – 5 day in – house training.
  • October 2004 Deep Tissue / Trigger Point Therapy. Centre for Massage and Nat. Health.
  • October 2004 Color 1 & 2. Teacher Training 1 & 2, 6 full days (live – in retreat). Hawaii – ColourMirrors.
  • September 2002 Symbiotic Massage, Asheville
  • May 2001 Lomi-lomi / Ka huna massage, levels 1,2 and 3, by Daniel T. Higgins, 24 hrs
  • June 1999 Ka Huna Massage – completed 145 hours (20 full days – live- in retreat) levels 1 – 4 Lomi-Lomi massage and Huna Philosophy. South Africa.
  • September 1998 Usui and Tibetan Systems of Natural Healing – completed 6 day course in Reiki 1st, 2nd 3rd degree & 4th degree- Master Healer and Teacher.
  • August 1997 Natal Technikon – completed 1 year course on Sports Massage.
  • May 1997 Academy of Emergency Medical Training – 20 hour course on basic first aid.
  • July 1997 Reiki Kai International – completed 2 day course in 1st degree Usui System of Natural Healing.
  • March 1995 International Academy of Color Therapeutics – completed 6 day Advanced course in
  • Aura Soma Color Healing, March 1995. (Teachers level 1 course also attended 1998.
  • July 1994 International Academy of Color Therapeutics – completed 6 day Intermediate course in Aura Soma Color Healing.
  • October 1993 International Academy of Color Therapeutics – completed 6 day Foundation course on Aura Soma Color Healing.
  • January 1993 Nature’s Way to Health – completed 4 day course in Swedish Massage.
  • December 1992 The Center of Self Awareness – completed 12 week course in basic Natural Healing (Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Esoteric Healing and Nutrition).
  • October 1992 Institute of Sports Massage therapy – completed 12 week course in Sports Massage.
  • May 1992 International School of Reflexology and Meridian Therapy – completed 12 week course Diploma in Reflexology and Meridian Therapy.
  • February 1992 Jill Farquarson International College of Physical and Beauty Therapy – completed 6 day course on Aromatherapy.
  • October 1990 The International Institute of Reflexology – completed 4 day course on the Original Ingham method of Reflexology.
  • June 1986 International School of Reflexology and Meridian Therapy – completed 6 day course on Reflexology and Meridian Therapy.
  • January 1985 Xerox Learning Systems – completed 10 day Professional Selling Skills Course.
  • September 1984 Damelin Management School – completed 12 week course in Public Relations.
  • December 1982 Queens High School – graduated in December 1982.



August 1997 to July 2000 I started and ran The Center for Health, Education, Communication and Development, teaching 500 hour courses on Deep Tissue Therapeutic Sports Massage. School sold prior to emigration.

February 2000 I was requested to massage the Australian Cricket Team in their World tour in South Africa.

March 1999 I was requested to massage the leading Australian competitors competing in the World Fire fighting Championships.

February 1998 I actively massaged and led a team of students massaging the Natal Sharks – a State rugby team in South Africa, for 2 seasons.

July 1997 I was one of eight massage therapists elected to massage at the World Veterans Athletic Championships.

October 1996 I was one of three massage therapists elected to massage at the South African Veteran Athletic Championships.

Massage Thearapy Experience

I have been a Reflexology practitioner since 1986 and a Massage Therapy practitioner since 1992. I have always held my own practice and in 1997 I opened and ran The Center for Health, Education, Communication and Development in which I taught a 500 hour Deep Tissue Therapeutic Sports Massage course, which was accredited by the Massage Association of South Africa.

The subjects that I taught were:

1. Theory and practice of massage.

2. Indications and contra-indications to massage.

3. Swedish Massage – practical.

4. Preparation of the enviroment, client and the therapist.

5. Basic sports injuries.

6. Neuro-muscular massage, Acpressure, DeepTransverse Frictions.

7. Assessment of the client; passive, active and PNF stretching and joint mobilization.

8. Soft Tissue Release, Strain-Counter Strain and Deep Tissue Massage, Thai massage.

9. Pathology, business and success ethics.

Whilst running the massage courses, I averaged approximately 20 hours a week massaging clients as well as holding classes evenings and weekends. I specialized in and had a reputation for doing deep tissue therapeutic sports massage, and had a lot of success treating people who had chronic, lower back ache. It was often the situation that due to their lower back ache, they would see Physical therapists, Chiropractors, Neurologists and Orthopedic Doctors, all with no improvement. It was then that they were referred to see me – with on-going deep tissue massage I was able to assist them to be relatively pain-free.

I also mainly specialized in 1 hour back massages and was able to assist many people regain their quality of

Life, as the back tension was released.

I also began to see many people who requested Transformational Bodywork; I used the Lomi-lomi to facilitate this and was able many positive shifts for my clients.

October 2000 – Immigrated to the USA. I worked at the Greystone Inn, Lake Toxaway, for 22 months. Initially as a part time therapist, and for the last 18 months, working full time (3 days per week). And another 3 days seeing people in their homes and in my home office.

Services offered at the Spa: Kari-softness body treatment, Salt –glow body treatment, Siddah de-toxifying body treatment, Reflexology, Hot stone massage, Aroma-therapy, Deep tissue massage, Lomi-lomi / Hawaiian massage, Swedish massage.

September 2003 I worked at the Brevard Racket Club for 2 years doing Swedish and Deep tissue massage, as well as seeing clients in my home office.

January 2007 I Moved my home office to a shared practice called Therapeutic Massage – Downtown Brevard, until December 2008 Due to change in marital Status.

May 2008 Opened a massage office in Lake Toxaway for 7 months – Higher Elevation Massage Therapy

December 2008 I joined the staff, of La Petite Spa, as in independent contractor – Brevard.


May 2007 Fayetteville, NC –. Introduction to Color Therapy

October 2008 Raleigh, NC –Color 1.

Nov. 2009 Introduction to Color Therapy. Brevard NC.

March 2010 . Introduction to Color Therapy. Brevard NC.


561 Kelly Lane, Brevard North Carolina 28768

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