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The Color Practitioner Course is presented over a period of 3 to 4 months with homework exercises

Certify as a Colour Mirrors Practitioner to offer your clients: 7 types of Colour Readings, spiritual & emotional guidance using colour analysis, and learn how to work with and include the new Chakra colours in your own practices. Participants are issued with manual and charts. Anyone can attend, no previous colour or therapy training needed. Training fee can be paid in installments over the training period.

The course is presented as Part 1 of 5 – a two day group training session, then a few weeks for homework assignments, exercises, practice and integration. Followed by Part 2 of 5 (two days group session), Part 3 of 5 (two days group session), Part 4 of 5 (two days group session) and Part 5 of 5 (one day group session). Course includes:

  • Study the meanings of core 19 colours, including their positive and healing aspects
  • Discover the spiritual, mental, emotional & physical analysis of colour
  • Learn how each colour identifies unconscious patterns that limit our potential
  • Experience new chakra colours and learn why they are changing
  • Connect with the spiritual psychology of colour for in-depth analysis and transformation
  • Learn how to add colour skills to your business, practice and personal life
  • All aspects of setting up and managing a business as a colour practitioner will be explained, including technical, on-line environment, finances and marketing

Facillitated by Moira Bush (International Color Teacher)

561 Kelly Lane, Brevard North Carolina 28768

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