Level 4: Elephant Walk Massage Class

With Yellow Color Correlations

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Level 4: Elephant Walk Massage Class with Yellow Color Correlations

The actual massage consists of slow, rhythmic compressions and stretches on the client’s calves, hamstrings, gluts and back. The practitioner uses their body weight in a kneeling position and is always aware of his /her position so that an uninterrupted slow rhythm is maintained. Deep, sustained pressure ensures that the myofascia, or the muscle’s connective tissue, soften and relax. Hard to reach Trigger points, as well as tight and stiff muscles in the hamstrings and gluts are easily accessible in this position. The therapist is able to create a very deep and yet relaxing and therapeutic massage experience for their client without hurting their own body.

Purpose of Yellow Color Correlations:

Learning and understanding the color correlations can assist the therapist to interpret why the client is choosing certain colors and therefore clarify the meaning for the client and assist in adding a mindful meditative massage using yellow and colors relating to the solar plexus chakra, during the massage.

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