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Benefits of Color Therapy,how color therapy can add to your massage and healing practice.

• Help clients to shift chronic patterns

• Connect with your Divine DNA

• Learn the universal meanings of color

• Learn to use color consciously for healing

• Add 4/ 5 therapies to your massage menu

• Connect with Gaia and New chakra colors

• Understand the Golden Keys to ascension

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Colour Mirrors can support the process of attracting clients, staff team building, marketing and corporate well-being. 

In education, teachers use colours to help build students’ concentration, memory, self-esteem and confidence. 

With Colour Mirrors you can access Colour Therapy in the form of various empowering products and services. Products include Oils and Essences made from natural materials, which can be used in meditation or as aura or room spray. Services include Colour Readings, Soul Readings, Chakra Balancing, Introductory and Practitioner colour courses

How Colour Works

As humans we have a physiological response to colour. Studies have shown that when you put a man in a red room his blood pressure increases, his heart rate increases and body temperature goes up. Whereas if you put him in a blue room his blood pressure drops, his heart beat slows down and body temperature decreases.

So on a basic level, our bodies respond to colour and our colour choices.

We all know that blue indicates peacefulness and red passion or danger. In language we talk about “seeing red” when we’re angry, “feeling blue” or being “green with envy”. Marketers know that a red and yellow combination makes us think of our stomachs (yellow) and taps into our survival instinct (red) so fast food chains using combinations like this are tapping into our bodies responses to colour. 

We also know that colour has a frequency red being the lowest and purple being the highest.

With this knowledge of colour we know that the choices you make with regard to colour are you mirroring the colours of your Aura or electromagnetic field.

In the Colour Mirrors system you are encouraged to choose the colours you are drawn to; your body knows which vibration of colour it needs at any given time.

When you choose your Colour Mirrors bottles you have the perfect reflection of yourself, your obstacles and your true divine purposelaid out in front of you. 

Through colour you are taken on a journey of self-discovery, raising your consciousness and becoming more self-aware.

Colour Mirrors therapists work with colour

We all have an electromagnetic field around us called an aura.

 Through Kirlian photography we can see these energy fields as colours based on the frequencies of the energy. When a person is confronted by an array of colours like a set of coloured oils, or even a rack of clothes,they’re  immediately drawn to the colours in their own auric field. So through the filter of your own energy field you choose the colours you are. 

Essentially what you end up with when you choose colour is a reflection of your auric field. And everything you’ve ever experienced is represented in your auric field. 

We look at the Hindu teaching of Chakras which are energy centres in your body divided into a rainbow. The rainbow goes from red (lowest frequency) at the base to violet (highest frequency) at the crown. 
That makes colour very easily accessible because depending on where in the body your colour choice sits gives an enormous amount of information. 

When we study the meaning of colours we look at the positive and the negative aspects, the negative being the ‘thing’ that we can focus on to transform aspects in our lives. In the study of yellow we could deepen our understanding of what this colour is teaching us.
See below the positive and negative aspects of yellow:


  • Positive Negative Physical Laughter Physical Stomach ulcers Emotional Joy (the yellow sun shining)
  • Emotional Fear (yellow belly) Mental Intellectual (bright and clever) Mental Confused (do I or don’t I?)
  • Spiritual Lightness of spirit Spiritual Ego (battle of ego vs divine will)

The Colour Mirrors System

Colour is essentially an energy or vibrational tool for self awareness. In the Colour Mirrors system the language and vibrations of colour can be accessed through bottles of coloured oil and water. Each bottle and colour has a meaning and offers insights into areas of our lives that we feel are blocked or where we would like to increase our potential for a more abundant and joyful life. When you are drawn to a certain colour bottle, that colour has a message and will help you analyse your issue. When Melissie makes these bottles she adds energy and intention to the water and oil, so it offers vibrational support for any issue.

 Starting the journey

The first step on the Colour Mirrors journey is to choose a bottle and find out its meaning. You can do that on the Colour Mirrors site bottle messages to find out if it resonates with you. Ideally you would then find a CM therapist near you, as they are fluent in the language of colour – find your country from the Contact Us menu. Courses are offered to study the language of colour so that you can use the knowledge for your personal growth, or you can use it to start your own therapy practice or add to what you already offer. Colour amplifies all practices and to date we have found that it works well with: psychology  and counselling; complementary therapies including Reiki, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Reflexology and Kinesiology and massage; and it also supports other systems such as Nutrition, Astrology and Numerology as well as being used in more mainstream professional and educational arenas.

 Each colour choice you make is a mirror. Your personal colour choice will shine back to you the potential you hold, reminding you of your talents, gifts, personal power and the truth of the light that you are. At the same time your choices will reflect specific patterns of behaviour that could be sub-consciously sabotaging love, health, happiness and abundance in your life. 

Colour Mirrors, founded by Melissie Jolly in South Africa in 2001, uses coloured essential oils and essences as colour therapy. The system is used globally by complementary, health and professional practitioners, spiritual teachers and colour therapists for personal and spiritual transformation.

Colour Mirrors is a powerful tool that can be used to amplify any form of complementary therapy including Reiki, Reflexology, Counselling, Astrology, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and Kinesiology and Massage.

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