Bonga Massage

With Orange Color Correlations

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Why you should add Bonga Massage to your service

African Bonga Massage makes use of bonga sticks to apply rhythmic tapotement to various sections of the body.

Tapotement is the rapid, percussive tapping, slapping and cupping of the massaged area. It is used to more aggressively work and strengthen muscles during deep tissue massage. It increases local blood circulation and can even help tone muscle areas. In pre-event massage tapotement is used to invigorate the muscles and is a great way to revitalize the nervous system after an intense healing session.

By learning African Bonga Massage you will add fun and invigoration to your massage menu.

Purpose of Orange Color Correlations:

Learning and understanding the color correlations can assist the therapist to interpret why the client is choosing certain colors and therefore clarify the meaning for the client and assist in adding a mindful meditative aspect using orange, during the massage.

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