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We offer several different types of massage therapies which allow the therapist to alter and gear each treatment specifically for the situation and each client. From light, superficial massage strokes for pre-event, to deep penetrating techniques for breaking down scar tissue, sports massage is a valuable modality that will assist everybody to maximize their full physical potential and have good quality of life, by improving flexibility and mobility.

On Site Massage
There is a minimum travel and set-up fee of $20 and your session can be located at your home or vacation destination within 20 miles of Brevard. A massage table, linen and music will be set up to ensure your session is comfortable. Most therapies offered can be adapted to an on site session.

African Massage
In African massage the therapist is almost constantly moving. This is referred to as ‘energy in motion’ and results in a flowing, rhythmical massage which can be deep and therapeutic or relaxing and nurturing.

Couples Massage
Stress relief and therapeutic massage allows you to relax while sharing a soothing experience with partner, friends or family

Sports Massage (can be divided into four main areas):

  • Pre–event
  • During competition
  • Post – event
  • Old injury massage.

Is the art and science of recognizing the reflexes on the feet, which directly mirror the parts of the body exactly. When these reflexes are stimulated, they promote relaxation and thereby enhance the body’s own healing mechanism, bringing the body back into a state of balance.

Promotes profound relaxation and rejuvenates the body by harmonizing and healing the electromagnetic energy field thereby allowing the physical body to enjoy optimum health.

Massage works to pamper the expectant Mom and assists with back pain, stress, fatigue and leg cramps.

Thai Massage / Shiatsu
Provides a very relaxing yet uplifting treatment, which mobilizes joints and stretches muscles. It releases energy blockages, enhancing every aspect of one’s being.

Indian Head Massage
Is an invigorating, yet relaxing, head neck and shoulder massage. The people of India have, for centuries, massaged one another’s heads, promoting long shining, healthy hair and deep spiritual development.

Lomi-lomi / Hawaiian Massage
Incorporates the use of the therapist’s arms and hands in flowing rhythmical movements over the body and energy fields, in what becomes the dynamic dance of life. This technique forms a special connection between the client and the bodyworker. This allows a very deep healing to take place, bringing the joy of life to the body, a feeling of peace to the mind and a deepened sense of awareness to the spirit.

NMT / Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage
Relaxes, revitalizes and loosens tight and tense muscles, especially in the neck and back – excellent for tired stressed people. A combination of neuro-muscular, Swedish and sports massage techniques are utilized and adapted to create a massage ideally suited to each client’s specific requirements.

Colour Mirrors Color Therapy

Is a very powerful alternative healing modality that has its origin in South Africa. Colour Mirrors consists of a range of over 100 bottles filled with therapeutic essential oils and various color combinations. During a consultation a person is encouraged to pick as many bottles as they are drawn to, then the therapist interpretsor de-codes their color choice. Through this interpretation, a deeper level of understanding of their preferences, physical, mental and spiritual issues and life purposes can be attained. The therapeutic use of the aromatic colored liquid, people may experience positive shifts in their lives.

Cellulite Treatments
We use the G5 Cellutec which is one of the strongest vibratory machines available. It assists with body contouring, with cellulite reduction and inch loss.


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These Holistic treatments enable you to take life’s knocks, pamper yourself, manage stress and allow your body to perform at it’s peak.

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