Rungu Stick Massage

With  Red Color Correlations 

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What is a Rungu Stick?

The Rungu Stick is a baton shaped wooden stick or club. It is called a knobkerrie in some African countries and originates from the Massai tribe in East Africa.

The smooth texture, heavy look and feel, as well as the varying shapes of the rungu are combined to offer an exceptional massage with deep pressure and a variety of strokes.

Rungu stick massage promotes blood circulation, sensory nerve perception improvement, and lymph drainage.

Rungu massage can be light, relaxing, and therefore stimulate lymph drainage and relaxation as well as sensory nerve stimulation. It can also be utilized for deep muscle stripping, and promote the healing of adhesions.

Why Use a Rungu Stick in your practice?

Rungu Stick massage is a valuable deep tissue modality which can assist the therapist to work at a deep level without having to hurt their hands.

Purpose of Red Color Correlations

Learning and understanding the color correlations can assist the therapist to interpret why the client is choosing certain colors and therefore clarify the meaning for the client and assist in adding a mindful meditative aspect using red, during the massage.

  • Color therapy is a universal language that everyone relates to on a soul level because our electro-magnetic field is made up of the frequency of color; this can balance, empower and holistically enhance every massage
  • By using color visualizations the therapist adds a universal language that everyone responds to and can benefit from their soul level.

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