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Level 1: Color Element Massage Class

African Massage – energy in motion: It is a flowing and rhythmical massage which engages body, mind and spirit of client and therapist; using the tools of color therapy, aromatherapy, verbal visualization and the intent of the six elements (earth, air, fire and water, wood and metal). It follows a traditional philosophy called Ubuntu, which emphasizes our interconnectedness with nature and all other beings. It is a form of mindful /meditative massage which leaves both client and therapist relaxed and energized.

During the intake interview the therapist uses questions answered by the client, to understand and assess which elemental essence would be most beneficial to use at the start of the massage; this is the meditative aspect which brings the client and therapist in to alignment.

When performing the massage the therapist is constantly moving and by embodying the elements of earth, air, fire and water, wood and metal. The therapist continually assesses the soft tissue that they are working with as they embody the Elements and use the motion of the elements to affect a change in the client’s body while describing the intended outcome or a visual of the Element in Nature, taking the clients mind to a peaceful scene and promoting the inter-connectedness of body, mind and spirit bringing a profound healing experience to the client.

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