Healing Hues

We each contain cells marked with the essence of who we are. Their wellbeing is directly connected to the energy we feed them. Nourishing our cells with the right vitamins and nutrients can increase and maintain optimum health. But what if we could do more?

At the fundamental level we are light. When light is split by a prism it becomes a rainbow. Close your eyes and imagine that you are pure white light. Visualize a prism in front of you and picture your light flowing effortlessly through it. As it does this it creates a rainbow on the other side. Look carefully at your rainbow;

Is there a missing color?
Is one color more dominant than the others?
Are any colors dull?

A missing color is like omitting a vitamin or mineral from your diet, eventually the lack of this nutrient color can affect you on many different levels. For example, red missing from your rainbow can indicate a lack of energy, fear of change, slow functioning elimination, and cold extremities.

A dominant color can point toward an emotional and mental imbalance. For instance, someone with too much red can have an excess of charged energy making them quick tempered, obstinate, and impulsive.

Dull colors mask and dampen the positive and negative, or gift and challenging attributes of a color. If red is dull it can mean a lack of ambition, less enthusiasm for physical pursuits, and material manifestation issues.

Healing is 50% awareness. Once you are aware of the issue you are halfway to healing it. Next month we will discuss ways to heal and re-align your personal rainbow.