kinetic energyEnergy in Motion. It is so much easier to move something once it has already begun moving or is in motion. The Kinetic energy of an object is the energy which it pocesses due to its motion. As massage therapists, we know how tiring and how demanding our work can be on our own bodies, when we have to constantly use our upper body strength to grind away at our client’s body’s in order to create a positive change.

In African massage – energy in motion we use our body as an implement to create change. When movement creates energy in your body ( and your clients’ bodies’) you will begin to release negative stuck tension. Like a smoothly flowing river and a gently blowing wind… being the change we want to see and feel is what connects us to the mystery and moving force of life. It is when that energy becomes stuck in people’s body that it causes disease and dysfunction and pain. I would like to bring to mind the example of an autumn leaf dropping to the ground.. would you like to be the leaf being blown around in the wind, or the wind having an effect on other things… touching them lightly or causing dust clouds and pulling up trees?