I visited a salt spa recently and was reminded of the earth energy that is embodied in African massage.  I felt the nurturing energy of the salt that comes from the earth melt away the tension in my body from places I hadn’t realized was holding it.africa

You can easily connect with the earth without going to a salt spa by putting your feet flat on the ground, wherever you are, and visualizing strong deep roots growing downwards.  Feeling the dirt surround the roots you are visualizing can help you feel grounded like a plant in soil.  The plants absorb nutrients through their roots.  By allowing yourself to “put down roots,” you allow the earth to nourish you with the gifts of community, friendship and interconnectedness, which in turn nourishes the spirit.

Visualizing being rooted helps the massage therapist remain centered, assists them in avoiding picking up the tensions of their clients, and gives them a solid force of energy in motion.

In daily life, by grounding our energy into the earth and visualizing our roots, it assists us to cope with the daily stress of life. Getting regular massage will also do this and assist out body’s to maintain a higher level of balance and stability – just like a well rooted plant.

Below is the Colour Mirrors element essence spritzer which we use in African massage, energy-in-motion and some information about that spritzer. By using this spritzer on a daily basis with the visualization and intention of growing strong roots from our feet into the earth we will have a deep connection with the Earth, our Mother and feel her nurturing.

Earth Essence Spritzer

colorInstantly grounding and connecting to Gaia and all the Earth elements, this essence helps us feel our heartbeat in tune with the heartbeat of the planet. We are of the earth and all that we create is of the earth too. This essence helps us release judgement around abusing the planet and allows us to see that all is one. Manifestation is truly possible when we ground our spirit. A deep connection with the earth can be deeply reassuring and nurturing. She is always there, a true example of unconditional love. When our bodies feel safe, so our spirits can allow their Divine essence into the world.