How do you manage stress?

 How do you manage your life?

 How do you manage your energy-in-motion?

 As a massage therapist, I know how stress takes its toll on our bodies and how important it is to take care of me.

 I start my day by reading a five line meditation, drinking a big glass of water and lying back down to meditate in a therapeutic yoga position like child’s pose.

 I live in the mountains of North Carolina, in the quaint little city of Brevard. Life is good and the pace of mountain life is even better.

 As a therapeutic massage practitioner, I know that stretching and strengthening, and balancing the quiet and busy times are a challenge that we all work on.

 We are products of the choices we make throughout the day. Our physical energy level is dependent on how well our body is coping with the demands we place on it and the resources it has.  The choices we make are the products of our discernment to choose what is good and what is not. So the energy we have to face the situations that life presents us with may put our body into stress mode or we may be able to just say: “I’ve got this!”

 Our energy is not static; it is dependent on how much sleep we get, how well fortified our body is from our diet and how we are talking to ourselves mentally. In short we are kinetic energy. Kinetic energy is the energy of motion. The kinetic energy of an object is the energy it possesses because of its motion. Is your energy-in-motion lethargic and sluggish or frenetic and disorganized?

 Give your body the care it needs. Explore a balanced lifestyle by including therapeutic massage as an integral part of your preventative and regular health care.

For more information about the benefits of massage – search this site. Drink plenty of water each day and try to create balance from stress by resting and exercising.

 Take care of your energy-in-motion!