sand-movementIn African Massage – energy in motion, the intention during each session is for each of us to experience a sense of our bodily awareness, which is often considered a higher aspect of our human consciousness and continue to expand that…

And as we, as therapists are able to be fully focused on ourselves during a session and afterwards, it has a knock-on effect of increasing the awareness of our clients’ awareness of themselves, and this will in turn increase the awareness of the general population of the place that our consciousness resides – our bodies and the earth.

Ultimately were are all a community and we do affect one another, whether we like it or not. By being aware of our interconnectedness and respecting our body’s as if they were a precious universe / earth, we will uplift not only ourselves but all our clients and the world in general.

Come connect and receive… and by receiving, contribute your perfectly aligned heart coherence for the greater good of all. The more we come together in community to do this work, the sooner our vision of peace, harmony and abundance for all will occur on the planet!