ocean-skyDo you see yourself as a static dense solid organism?

Take your awareness to your chest – feel the expansion and contraction as the air fills your lungs. Feel the movement of the air expanding and dissipating into your blood. Feel the fresh oxygen-filled blood being transported around your body. Become aware of how your breathing may have slowed down with the focused attention of your awareness. Think of a situation where you may have been stressed and needed to use your flight or flight mechanism… your ability to suddenly burst into sudden action… notice how or if your breathing changes. Can you take a deep breath and allow more air in to your lungs and allow your body to relax further? Our body has the element of air intrinsically built in to it. We are air, without it we no longer can exist.

Notice that your body needs and utilizes air, oxygen and hydrogen and changes them in to carbon dioxide, without your having to focus any attention on the process. Our bodies’ are constantly changing one substance in to another. This is called the Alchemy of air. One of the animating principles within the body. This is a very basic level of physical awareness, of the element of air; there are also emotional and mental aspects.

Our bodies are also made up of the elements of fire, earth, water and spirit or interconnectedness. Read further blogs to find out more on all of these.